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Le Gouessant Aquaculture's assets

  A concern for quality and traceability for all its products through an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified plant by Bureau Veritas Certification. Moreover, Le Gouessant meets 100% of the requirements of the "Good practices guide for animal compounded feeds processing" standard from SNIA-SYNCOPAC.  
  A Research & Development hub, made of nutritionists and a group of veterinaries, developed in partnership with national technical institutes  
  Classical feeds but as well feeds especially formulated to answer the requirements of many demanding standards (Red Label, AB, Naturland, Biosuisse...).  

  Feeds respectful for the environment :
- Marine resources sustainability
- Constantly optimized formulation to lessen suspended solids, nitrogenous and phosphorous discharges.
  Numerous services for customers : advices, sanitary back up...    

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