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Salt water


Marin Start

Those extruded crumbles are perfectly adapted to the weaning of marine fish larvae. Available from 150 microns, they have a high appetence giving a high survival rate.

Néo Supra

Those extruded crumbles and mini-pellets are available from 300 microns.
Severe selection of the raw materials for their digestibility (L.T. fish meals...). High protein value with a limited lipid content only from marine sources.


Available granulated or extruded, according to the site's requirements, those diets are based on growth and flesh quality.

  Organic ongrowing

Those feeds are adapted to the ongrowing of organic fish in accordance with the french organic standard CCF BIO and the european organic standard BIO UE (RCE 710/2009), as well as Naturland and Biosuisse standards.



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